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blizzard: *puts character through horrific trauma and jokes about their breakdown* yeah this seems right

fuck blizzard


i trying to think of an instance where the trauma of a male character was used as a punch line that makes no mention of the abuse they went through

Have they made any Super Funny Jokes about how Thrall was imprisoned and made to fight for sport at the hands of an abusive drunk slaver for the majority of his entire life? Have they wrote funny punch lines over Varian losing his memory, captured, tormented?

i mean i could be wrong here but really these “oh she’s craaazy” punchlines are primarily aimed at Jaina and Sylvanas, meanwhile actual male villains get a “yeah but look at how sad his life was :( he got friendzoned” ethical pass by the fanbase like. ok.

crap like this is why i quit WoW in the first place.





this actually happened

Thank you for calling him a baby and absolutely ruining him in the process.  Love how he goes from grammatically-correct creep to I CAN KILL U WIFF BARE HANDS over the course of like 3 messages.

Dumb baby confirmed rekt.

ahaha that was priceless

he just got SO UPSET at “baby” 

Kid needs a kick in the teeth.

"How do you deal with all that insecurity?"

R: “I don’t.”

"Obviously. Cause you take it out on strangers on the internet. LOL."

I laughed so hard at this

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